Our Challenge Grant needs rain! Rain = Donations, please, by Dec. 31

by Botanical Dimensions on 12/28/2015

Our challenge grant needs rain now! Donations = Rain. Please give!Old Douglas Firs, Camp Meeker
Like the forests and meadows, at Botanical Dimensions we appreciate the rain and snow that California is finally receiving, after years of drought. Our oak and chapparal-covered hills are reveling in moist green. We know the fungi are having a blast, awakening underground and sprouting on the surface.
At BD, we so appreciate the nourishing donations that you folks donate to keep ethnobotany studies alive. Many have given to our matcing fund and we THANK YOU. We still need to raise $2800 in the next four days, by the end of Dec. 31, in order to receive the matching grant of $4800. Please donate if you can, and share this request. (And look outside at what grows when it is nourished.)

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