How to make your own fire cider and keep colds away – Evening class on January 29

by Botanical Dimensions on 01/22/2019

Botanical Dimensions is looking forward to hosting herbalist Madalyn Berg of The Community Medicine Cabinet who will be teaching us how to make fire cider on Tuesday, January 29 at 7pm. Learn a great shareable recipe for a delicious tonic that will carry you through the end of cold season and towards wellness in 2019. A flexible recipe that uses spicy and savory roots and herbs, with honey and vinegar. This tasty and potent protective recipe has been handed down for many years. Fire cider is an example of folk knowledge that is available to everyone. In this class, make enough to take home now to fend off the chills of March, and then you can make enough to share when winter colds start to come around later in the year.
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fire-cider-ingredients_internet-image Come learn to make fire cider, with Madalyn Berg, Jan. 29 2019

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