Dutch Bill Creek Watershed

This project was proposed in 2004 and completed in 2005. In partnership with Dragonfly Stream Enhancement, and instream restoration expert Douglas Gore, Kathleen Harrison wrote proposals for grants that were awarded to BD as the fiscal agent. Kathleen then participated in generating designs, permits and a work team for this sizable project in Dutch Bill Creek, in western Sonoma County, California. This is the watershed where the office of BD sits; Kathleen Harrison has long been active in the local watershed restoration group. BD was locally recognized for its role in this very worthy construction and revegetation project, which was designed to create four graduated pools just downstream of a collapsed concrete fish ladder, so it would no longer be an obstacle to upstream passage of endangered and threatened local species—Coho salmon and Steelhead trout. Funding came from various state and federal agencies and non-profit organizations. This work was done by shaping the banks and placing giant boulders and logs. A collapsing bank at the site required boulder reinforcement and revegetation with native trees and shrubs, so there was indeed a botanical element. It was a massive physical project that fully succeeded in improving the effectiveness and beauty of this important stream in which endangered species are still able to reproduce in their natural habitat.